Why am I an on-site SEO specialist?

by Peter WM
July 26, 2018

What about off-site search engine optimisation?

I don’t do off-site SEO at all. Put simply, off-site SEO essentially boils down to making backlinks – they might be directory listings, or citations – in practice it’s all pretty much the same thing.

Links are helpful if they’re real – which means legitimate – someone values your post or site enough to link to it. Manipulating your link profile yourself is definitely against Google’s rules – and they’re very skilled at finding out and penalising people for the practice.

I blog about this quite regularly – you can peruse some of those posts if you’d like more info:

My own approach to SEO is completely Google friendly, I believe very strongly that the proper thing to do is to focus on their ethos, and fulfill all their recommendations and guidelines.

And I’m very pleased to say the data backs me up on that too.

I do have suggestions for leveraging your real-world contacts to get legitimate links – but it’s very different to just using some automated tool to create link spam.


(PS, if anyone gets the joke behind this post’s image, we should probably hang out.)

Why am I an on-site SEO specialist? NZ SEO expert

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