I’m glad DuckDuckGo isn’t like Google. I also wish it was more like Google.

by Peter WM
September 2, 2018

I do a lot of my SEO work with Google’s systems; their Search Console system (which used to be called Webmaster Tools) is the best place for official Google search stats, I report using client’s rankings within Google, and in most people’s minds ‘google’ is synonymous with search anyway.

But it’s not the search engine I use for my own searches. That’s DuckDuckGo.

I’ve long been more than a little concerned about the privacy issues that surround Google. DuckDuckGo solves a lot of those for me – they don’t track users, searches, etc.

But the very things I love about it are the same things I don’t. With all it’s tracking Google gives us a hell of a lot of convenience. For example DuckDuckGo doesn’t know where I am. One the one hand, yay. On the other – they’re unable to give me relevant searches based on my location.

The less they know about me the less useful they are.

A blank slate search every time I search is great for privacy, but it’s definitely less efficient.

For now I’ll keep erring on the side of privacy. The things I know big data does with my information scares me. Let alone all the other things I don’t.

I'm glad DuckDuckGo isn't like Google. I also wish it was more like Google. NZ SEO expert

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