Don’t forget your menu titles!

by Peter WM
September 20, 2018

Search Engine Optimisation has LOTS of components to it. We know Google uses more than 200 metrics to determine a website’s rank, but some of those are their haystacks to find needles in: consider that a site’s speed is a single metric among 200, but setting that up correctly takes hours.

Similarly an oft overlooked, but important, things to do for a site’s SEO is to set menu titles. Each menu item can have a title attribute associated with it, and all the major search engines love to see those.

<a href="/seo" title="Search Engine Optimisation">SEO</a>

That’s a good example of menu titles in practice for SEO. The link itself is just ‘SEO’, which is nice and concise for a menu.

But the title attribute has, that search engines see, is ‘SEO Search Engine Optimisation NZ’.

It’s clear to search engines the title attribute is related to menu name (and hopefully also that page’s content) which means it’s perfectly reasonable to add a few other related keywords, in this case the acronym’s meaning.

It’s this sort of attention to detail in SEO that makes all the difference. The most important SEO is always the SEO your competitors aren’t doing.

One response to “Don’t forget your menu titles!”

  1. Peter WM says:

    In the image above you’ll see how easy it can be to add these in WordPress too – most themes allow you to turn on ‘Title Attribute’ in the Appearance > Menus settings.

    Type, type, type, et voila!

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