Chrome displays warnings for non-HTTPS urls

by Peter WM
August 19, 2018

They did tell us they were going to do it. And they have.

True to their word, the latest version of the Chrome browser shows a warning message in the URL bar if a website you’re visiting is not served over HTTPS.

There’s been good reason from an SEO perspective for years to have a secure site, but now there’s a UX (user experience) one too – you really don’t want visitors seeing a ‘Not secure’ message.

This marks quite a big step in Google’s ongoing desire to see the web be more secure. Previously you just got a positive thing for being on HTTPS (the green padlock), but now there’s a penalty for not being secure as well.

I’ve found my version of Firefox has followed suit too.

It’s not hard moving your site onto HTTPS, you just need an SSL certificate (usually available from your webhost) and to set your site to use it.

Chrome displays warnings for non-HTTPS urls NZ SEO expert

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